We are a boutique HR consulting and outsourcing company based in London.  We are different in that we are incredibly hands-on, get to know your business thoroughly, and work with you closely to deliver an exceptional HR experience for your business and employees.

Our approach is bespoke and tailored specifically for small, entrepreneurial businesses that need modern, straightforward and practical HR, not outdated practices which are only suitable for larger organisations. 

We don't just regurgitate employment law or give you risk-averse advice that you can find on Google! We give you commercial and pragmatic HR support that is for the greater good of your business.  

What you can expect from working with us

Effective, quick resolution of HR issues

You will work closely with us on any HR issue you have. We are available to chat any time of the day and on weekends too if required. You can expect upfront, pragmatic solutions and advice with clear options to take. Call and speak to us directly. We don't do call centres or automated email responses.

More time to focus on your business

We offer a full HR outsourcing service. We are even available to chat to your employees. This will free up your time to focus on your business.


Minimised risk associated with hiring and managing people

It goes without saying that there is risk inherent in employing and managing people with ever-changing UK employment law. That said,  we don't believe in fear-mongering, so we offer you pragmatic options with risks clearly and realistically highlighted. 

We keep all your HR practices up-to-date with UK employment law and ensure you are always aware of developments and how they apply on a practical level to your business. We don't regurgitate!

Slick and professional HR processes

We appreciate the pace of your business and therefore ensure your HR processes are light touch and streamlined. 

Demonstrable improvement in employee performance and engagement

You will see an improvement in performance and employee engagement as a result of working with us.


The right people for your business quickly and cost-effectively

If you need to grow quickly we can help get the right people on board quickly and save you a fortune in recruitment agent fees!